Our Wins

Verdicts and Settlements We’ve Won for Our Clients

Wins for Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers - company_winWhether we're representing one person or many, we are compassionate and caring in our pursuit of positive results.

Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers is one of the largest and most experienced employment and civil rights law firms in Michigan. Our attorneys have successfully supported clients, both individually and in groups, in litigation against companies charged with employment discrimination. In addition to our civil rights and employment discrimination representation, we also have the ability to handle complex and difficult personal injury and criminal defense cases. Our network of investigators, experts and specialists also allow us to add value and develop compelling arguments that result in full compensation for our clients’ injuries. 

Some of Our More Notable Results Include:

  • $100 million settlement in a civil rights lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections on behalf of female prison inmates who were sexually assaulted and harassed by male correction officers
  • $45 million arbitration award in the Gilford case against DTE for 1,500 employees alleging race and age discrimination
  • More than $12 million against a major employer including cash and restoration of valuable retirement benefits
  • $10 million against Ford Motor Company for age discrimination
  • Multi-million dollar settlement in a group age discrimination case representing older employees who were selected for layoff because of their age
  • $2.75 million recovered in auto accident for 19-year old with traumatic brain injury arising from collision with truck
  • $2.4 million jury verdict in national origin discrimination case against Troy School District
  • Over $1.5 million in Abner/Rose cases on behalf of 85 individuals who were detained naked in the Saginaw County jail
  • $1 million arbitration award on behalf of eight employees of the Oakland County Road Commission alleging race discrimination
  • $950,000 in the Thompson case (75 individuals) against Genesee County for unlawful strip searches at a club
  • $950,000 judgment against an airline for gender discrimination
  • $800,000 settlement on behalf of longterm older employees laid off because of age in violation of the Older Workers Protection Act
  • $750,000 settlement after jury verdict in whistleblower case
  • $700,000 settlement on behalf of contract employees who were retaliated against for complaining of race discrimination
  • $500,000 verdict in FMLA case
  • $500,000 plus settlement in sexual harassment retaliation case on behalf of a female police officer
  • $500,000 settlement without litigation for legal counsel to major chemical company concerning contract violation
  • $500,000 settlement without litigation for older employee of major auto company
  • $400,000 settlement for a doctor who was wrongfully ousted from his medical practice
  • $380,000 verdict on behalf of school teacher related to the state's Whistleblower's Protection Act
  • $350,000 verdict on behalf of grocery workers in an Age Discrimination case
  • $350,000 settlement against Wayne County on behalf of a whistleblower
  • $300,000 settlement in a failure to promote race discrimination case on behalf of an executive employee
  • $300,000 verdict in Whistle Blowers Protection Act case
  • $275,000 arbitration award for breach of contract
  • $250,000 settlement along with reinstatement in a sex discrimination case on behalf of a high-level female employee in the auto industry
  • $150,000 verdict in Workers' Compensation Retaliation