Was Your Firing Illegal?

Wrongful termination is both bad business and moral outrage. The moment an employee thinks that he/she can’t trust an employer, they stop being honest and giving their best when completing duties assigned to them. This will deprive the company the vital information and cooperation it needs to thrive. Although the state of Michigan adheres to the concept of at-will employment, there are some exceptions to it just like in the other states.

For instance, the employer isn't allowed to fire you for some reasons that violate your protected constitutional rights such as the right to an opinion and religious beliefs. Wrongful termination arises when an employee is dismissed for reasons that are considered illegal. Any company/business that fires an employee for reasons that go against public policy risk facing wrongful termination charges in a court. Here is a summary of the state of Michigan wrongful termination law.

  • Breach of Contract: In Michigan, both written and oral contracts are binding, and they negate the terms and conditions of any employment contract. Thus, employers in Michigan cannot terminate an employee’s current contract agreement while employees cannot quit from a position when their agreement still exists. Employees are also bound by the promises they made to their employers.
  • Discrimination: Most wrongful termination lawsuits involve allegations against discrimination, making it essential for all Michigan employers to understand the state’s discrimination law. Essentially, employers are not allowed to terminate their employee’s contract based on race, color, religion, height, age, and disability.
  • Public Policy: All Michigan employers aren’t allowed to dismiss their employees on the grounds that the whole society would consider unlawful or unjust. For instance, an employer cannot dismiss an employee for declining to take part in criminal activities on behalf of their boss. Doing so would be in apparent contradiction of the public policy that protects the employee.
  • Retaliation: An employer in Michigan cannot fire aren’t allowed to dismiss their employees in retaliation against the workers who the employer feel like they are out to harm the company such as those employees who raise complaints about unsafe business processes and practices or those who complain about the unfavorable working conditions at the workplace.