WSU Professor Awarded $300K in Age Discrimination Case

[caption id="attachment_1378" align="alignleft" width="225"]Dr. Karen Hrapkiewicz Dr. Karen Hrapkiewicz[/caption] Wayne State University is appealing a jury verdict received by veterinary professor Dr. Karen Hrapkiewicz in an age discrimination action handled by firm co-founder Michael Pitt. Earlier this year, a Wayne County Circuit Court jury awarded Dr. Hrapkiewicz $300,000 plus attorney fees and costs. Dr. Hrapkiewicz had been employed as a clinical veterinarian at Wayne State University's Division of Animal Resource. She was also director of Wayne County Community College District Veterinary Technology Program. She was terminated February 28, 2011. A 37-year employee of WSU, Dr. Hrapkiewicz had always been given excellent reviews and was never disciplined or given written warnings of poor performance. At the time of her termination, the university was in the process of changing from the old guard to those designated to be "future" leaders. Despite her experience, Dr. Hrapkiewicz remains positive about Wayne State and wishes to be recognized as a teacher who made important contributions. She also hopes that WSU will look at employees differently and treat them more fairly.  

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