Top Mistakes with a Non-Compete Agreement

Make sure to review your non-compete agreement for any mistakes.One way to succeed in business comes by making yourself indispensable. This approach is great for job security and for getting you the best possible work environment including compensation and benefits. However, business owners react to employing skilled employees by including non-compete clauses in employment contracts in order to protect themselves. 

Make sure your rights remain protected by avoiding the following mistakes in your non-compete agreements. 

1. Not Signing a Non-Compete Agreement

Many employers won’t have you sign a non-compete agreement during your contract signing, but will later require you to sign one. Make sure things are clear from the beginning - if there will be a non-compete clause, ask for it in advance. Having a non-compete may encourage the employer to invest more heavily in your training and development.

2. Beware of Restrictions that are too Broad

Be on the lookout for restrictions that are too broad. A company may try to include too many roles or industries in its limits. Another broad restriction includes the limits on proximity to the company. An overly inclusive non-compete agreement may not even hold up in court. 

3. Make Sure Your Plan is Unique

One size never fits all. If a company only has one standard non-compete agreement that each employee signs from the secretaries to the C-suit team, there is an issue. Discussing compensation and benefits may be uncomfortable, but ask around about different agreements. If you realize yours was too similar or different from your coworkers at varying levels, seek legal advice.

4. Not Having a Proper Consideration

Having a proper consideration added to your contract makes sure the employer compensates you for agreeing to a limiting contract. Consider having a promise of employment into the future included. Otherwise, there may be an additional bonus or payment included to balance having the agreement. No matter what compensation you have, make sure to get something out of it. 

5. Save a Digital Version of Your Agreement

Keeping a hard and digital copy of all of your currently binding agreements and contracts will protect you. You should always be able to access and check a specific tenant of your contract. This way, you will be able to follow the contract without violating a section. The employer will be detailed in how they articulate the contract, following some, but not all of an agreement could mean serious legal trouble for you. 

Avoid Mistakes in Your Non-Compete Agreement with a Powerful Attorney

A non-compete agreement is a serious part of your employment contract. Make sure to take your time going through it so your career won’t have to suffer in the future. Protect yourself by having a seasoned attorney from Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, & Rivers review your pending contract. Our lawyers have built a business by protecting workers’ rights.