Steps To Take When Wrongly Convicted of a Crime

Every day, American citizens are accused of crimes that they did not commit. Sometimes, they’re even convicted of them. In this frustrating time, it may seem like you’re screaming and no one can hear your pleas for innocence. Attorneys at law Pitt, McGehee, Palmer & Rivers are experienced with clients having this frustration and are here to not only listen, but fight for the justice you deserve. If you’re wrongfully accused of a crime, read on to learn the initial steps to take to conduct yourself appropriately.

1. Hire an Attorney
At the first notice that you’re being accused of a crime you did not commit, contact the law office of Pitt, McGehee, Palmer & Rivers. We will be your voice and give you the legal guidance that you need in this confusing time. Do not respond to any questions until you have an attorney, it’s your right. 

2. Stay Silent, It’s Your Right
While it may seem easy to yell “I’m innocent!” whenever the need presents itself, it’s better to stay quiet. Even if you are 100% sure of your innocence, law enforcement, prosecutors and even the victim may not know, and anything you say can be used to incriminate you. Let your attorney do all of the talking, it’s for the best. 

3. Cooperate, but Decline Where Necessary
Cooperating with the law during an investigation always is a good thing, however, be sure to know your rights. If the police ask to search your home, you are not required to say yes. Despite your innocence, they may find something completely irrelevant in your home and pertain it to the case. Always ask your attorney’s advice before complying in any investigations. 

4. Quietly Compile Evidence in Your Favor
Providing your attorney with alibi information and other reasons as to why you’re innocent is a great help to your case. They will then take it into account and determine who needs to be shown this information to restore your innocence. With that being said, do not delete or destroy any evidence that looks to be against you. Tampering with evidence makes you look dishonest, and gives all the more reason to be suspected of the crime. If you are indeed innocent, the truth will be brought to light. 

To speak with the law office of Pitt, McGehee, Palmer & Rivers about being wrongfully convicted of a crime, contact us today. 

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