Rivers Interviewed by MLive On Upcoming Michigan Gay Marriage Ruling

Beth_RiversGay rights activists in Michigan are poised to celebrate an appeals ruling that could uphold the overturning of the state's ban against same-sex marriage. But the ruling may not go their way as some experts say a split decision could stall the victory and the three-judge panel of the U.S 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is unpredictable Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers partner Beth Rivers was interviewed by MLive in a published story on the upcoming ruling and said "there is a general feeling that the 6th Circuit, which is considering gay marriage-related questions out of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee as well as Michigan, could be the first to reject a legal right to same-sex marriage. There is some feeling that this circuit could buck the current trend and rule in favor of the state," she said. "Usually when the Supreme Court takes a case, it's because there was a split in the circuits... I think that there was some hope that they would take it and resolve it nationally for all 50 sates. But they didn't see a need for it yet." You can read the entire MLive story here.

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