Pitt Says Harm to Those Denied Gay Marriage is "Real"

Michael Pitt, Partner with Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers, was quoted in a recent edition of MLive covering the end of the trial in Detroit determining the fate of Michigan gays who want to marry. Pitt, who represents Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown -- a defendant in the case, but stands on the side of the plaintiffs -- has said she'll be ready to issue licenses as soon as it's legal. "The harm to them is real," her lawyer Michael Pitt told MLive of gay couples unable to marry. "It is not abstract. It is not speculative. The evidence that the plaintiffs submitted was sufficient, common sense. I think it would be an error for the court to accept the state's fallback position that the court should be cautious with this." You can read the entire story here. Pitt was also cited in a recent AP Story on the trial where he said Brown will issue marriage licenses to "qualified" same-sex couples during his closing argument before Judge Friedman. "She is not required by law to follow the directives of any state official," he added, "Her oath does not permit her to discriminate against any couple trying to wed. She has testified she is ready now to carry out this duty." Pitt was also quoted regarding the end of the trial in an Oakland Press Story.

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