Pitt Discusses Flint Water - 'One Year Later' with Fox 2

From Fox 2 Detroit Flint water crisis1_1474954989771_2077802_ver1.0_640_360Some progress has been made in Flint, the city is back on Detroit water millions of dollars have been earmarked. But the city's water is still not safe to drink but for the average Flint resident, it does not seem like a year has made much of a difference. It has been a year since Flint became a household name for all the wrong reasons. And while most homes here have filters to keep the lead out of their water, something else just might be getting in it. "Right now the defendants in the case are challenging the legal basis of the lawsuit are filing repetitive motions seeking dismissal of the case," said attorney Michael Pitt. Pitt, an employment and discrimination lawyer, is one of a handful of attorneys representing roughly 6,000 Flint families in cases against the state and the city of Flint. You can read and see the entire story here.