NewsChannel 3 Discusses UIA Fraud with Lord

MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) -- Michigan lawmakers are working to figure out how tens of thousands of people on unemployment across Michigan were wrongly accused of fraud. On Monday the House Oversight Committee announced it had created a work group to look into the problem. On Tuesday, Michigan Democrats unveiled their own proposal, this one aimed at fixing the system.

Michigan Democrats are saying the UIA made 50,000 false accusations of fraud against 40,000 workers. They say that 93 percent of those allegations have been false, and something needs to be done. Attorney Jennifer Lord is representing thousands of Michigan workers in a class action lawsuit. She says she's never seen anything like this case. "I've been practicing more than 23 years and the number of victims involved, the various types of harms, it blows my mind," said Lord. Lord is trying to gain justice in the courtroom for tens of thousands of workers who were wrongfully accused of unemployment fraud. She's hoping the families she represents will get compensation and help them restore their credit scores so things can go back to normal. "I'm here to hopefully shine the spotlight, keep the focus on the workers who were harmed by a computer that just spun out of control," said Lord. See the entire story here.

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