Michael Pitt Featured in ICLE Monthly Mentor

In the latest "Monthly Mentor," the newsletter of ICLE, Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers Partner Michael Pitt was featured in a column entitled "What I Wish I Knew Then: Review Client Records Before Taking the Case." Pitt share that experienced employment attorneys all have anecdotes about what they discovered about a claimant/plaintiff by subpoenaing medical, psychiatric, school, and former employer records. These records may contain damaging admissions attributable to your client-to-be, such as that he or she is in over his or her head in the new position, has lied to the employer on an important topic, has made a false claim of harassment to set up the employer for a lawsuit, or has been hallucinating at work or become psychotic. Admissions like these can quickly kill a client's claim for damages against a current or former employer. You can read the entire ICLE column here.

Michael Pitt Receives Champion of Justice Award

[caption id="attachment_954" align="alignleft" width="300"] (L) Thomas Rombach, 2014-15 SBM President, (C) Michael PItt and (R) Brian Einhorn, 2013-14 SBM President.[/caption] Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers Managing Partner Michael Pitt received...

Global Media Seeks Out Pitt During DeBoer-Rowse Trial

Michael Pitt, Partner with Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers, was a much sought after and much quoted participant in the recently concluded Detroit trial determining the fate of Michigan gays who want to marry. Pitt, who represents Oakland County...