Michael Pitt Cited by AP/ABC News in Michigan Teen Inmates Coverage

Michigan's prison system is the target of a class-action lawsuit alleging that guards and other workers failed to prevent the sexual assault of male teen inmates who were locked up with adults. Inmates under 18 were forced to engage in sex acts with adult prisoners and staff, according to the lawsuit, with some abuse "open and obvious." The Corrections Department disputes the allegations, and state attorneys have argued that employees shouldn't be held liable. Corrections Department officials "implemented this intermixing policy knowing that they were creating hell for these younger people inside these adult prisons. Their eyes were wide open," attorney Michael Pitt said in court last fall. "It's a case of gross negligence, deliberate indifference, intentional misconduct --- you name it," he said. Read the entire AP/ABC News Story here.

Know the Main Employment Types to Stay Protected

In today’s complex business world, there are many classifications of employment status. Employers use different options for their workforce to employ the right person for the right job at the right time for the right extent of time....