Metro Times/WWJ TV Story on Markovitz Suit Cites Bonanni

The owner of a pair of iconic Detroit strip clubs is being sued in federal court for a second time for allegedly failing to pay dancers and other workers a proper wage. A class action lawsuit filed early this month says that Alan Markovitz --- once hailed by the former Real Detroit Weekly as "arguably the most successful strip club owner in North America" --- intentionally misclassified employees at the Coliseum and Penthouse Club as independent contractors; didn't pay them a minimum wage; forced them to turnover tips to employers; and required them to pay unlawful rents, fines, and penalties for lateness and misconduct.

An attorney who represented the plaintiffs in the 2013 case against Markovitz and is also handling the suit filed this month says, this time, the plaintiffs hope Markovitz will be made to change his employment practices. "They're under the control of the club in terms of how they dance, where they dance, what they wear," says attorney Megan Bonanni. "It's a classic employee-employer relationship, where the employer retains control over all of the conditions and terms of employment and yet the employee, [who is classified as an independent contractor], has none of the rights and that has to change."

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