Megan Bonanni Featured in Legal News for Serving Justice on Behalf of New "Hero"

megan-bonanniCivil rights attorney Megan Bonanni has a new "hero" in her life --- a developmentally disabled client, a long-term employee in a blue-collar job who was brutally harassed by supervisors because of his disability. "My client's bravery and resolve in the face of tremendous workplace abuse was very inspiring --- he withstood repeated acts of cruelty because of his disability --- he's a real hero," says Bonanni, a partner at Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers in Royal Oak who recently settled this case. "My client's co-workers were courageous enough to put their own jobs at risk by providing incredibly moving testimony in deposition after deposition --- chronicling the depth of the harassment that my client endured. It's often hard to get corroboration in discrimination cases." You can read the entire story from the Legal News here.

M. Pitt Cited in MLive Report on Midland Area Couple's Claim Filed Against the Federal Energy Resource Commission in Edenville Dam Collapse

Michael Pitt was quoted in MLive coverage of the claim filed against the Federal Energy Commission by a Midland Couple for property and personal damages caused by flooding after the collapse of the Edenville Dam in May 2020. The firm is representing Dan and Cathy Miller and filed a $1.25 million claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Read entire article here.

Midland Daily News -- "Lawsuit Blames State Agencies for Dam Failures"

Mike Pitt, Ted Leopold and Paul Stephen were referenced as plaintiffs' attorneys in a Midland Daily News report on the lawsuit filed June 25 in the Michigan Court of Claims. The coverage notes that the suit's 15 plaintiffs owned property and homes which were damaged or destroyed in the May 19 Midland area flooding caused by the collapse of the Edenville Dam. Read full article here.