McGehee Featured in Legal News Story on Oakland County Trial

cary-mcgeheeA breach of contract dispute was tried twice in Oakland County. At each trial, the jurors gave an award to the plaintiff. One was bigger, one was smaller. Each time, the attorneys asked that the jurors be polled following the verdict --- the defense after the bigger verdict, and plaintiff's counsel after the smaller one. And each time, when the juries broke down their answers, the court found discrepancies. Cary McGehee, a partner with Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers, has represented the plaintiff in Daly v. Gibbs Technologies Inc., said that both sides' counsel were right to poll the jury, because what the jury said they decided and what they actually did decide ended up being two different things. But she added that the first judge did not allow the jury to redeliberate, forcing a mistrial that could have been prevented. You can read the story here.      

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