MLive: PMP&R Led Flint Legal Team Demands Snyder Restore Water Subsidies

Flint water team PittFLINT, MI -- A group of attorneys involved in civil litigation over the Flint water crisis is asking Gov. Rick Snyder to restore subsidies for Flint water customers until tap water is "safe and untainted." "We speak on behalf of our clients, who are victims of the Flint water tragedy, which includes thousands of class action members who have been damaged ...," the Flint Water Class Action Legal Team said in a news release Thursday, May 25. "Despite the fact that the water is still not safe to drink, the state of Michigan saw fit to end water relief credits at the end of February, triggering the law that would have placed tax liens on the 8,000 properties for which water bills were not being paid.

"This would have resulted in the likelihood that many of our clients would have been forced into foreclosure possibly losing their home," the statement said.

Mayor Karen Weaver has renewed her call for the state to continue subsidies for Flint until water is "drinkable without a filter," and said she didn't receive formal notification of the support ending until earlier this month.

The team includes the lawfirms of Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers P.C.; Trachell Young & Associates and the Law Offices of Deborah Labelle. Read the entire MLive Story here