Lord Whistleblower Client's Case Aired on Fox 2

- He blew the whistle on his boss while working for the city of Warren, but claims he paid the price when he questioned what he believed was illegal activity. Meet Ken Bouchard. He worked for the city of Warren coordinating tax delinquent property so the city could sell them in foreclosure. "I liked the job, I had a nice office, I worked with some very good people," he said. But In 2013, Bouchard discovered that the city was allegedly allowing "favored" buyers to use federal money, under the city's control, to tear down some of these purchased properties. "In the end it's not going to matter," said Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers partner, Jennifer Lord, Bouchard's attorney. "Under the whistleblower protection law." You can read and view the story at Fox 2 here