Lord Tells MPR that State UIA Settlement is a "Drop in the Bucket"

From Michigan Public Radio The state has admitted it made a whopping mistake when it accused tens of thousands of Michiganders of cheating on their unemployment benefits. The Unemployment Insurance Agency reviewed 62,784 cases where people were accused of fraud and hit with penalties. In some 44,000 of those cases, that accusation was completely false -- no fraud took place. Attorney Jennifer Lord joined Stateside today. She has filed a class-action suit on behalf of people who were falsely accused of unemployment fraud. She said the refunds the state is issuing now "doesn't come anywhere near close to compensating people." "It's important to know that while this might be a small step forward, what the agency is doing, that $21 million is a drop in the bucket," she said, "and that can be demonstrated by the state's own audited financial statements." Listen to the NPR interview here.

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