How to Identify Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The workplace should feel like a safe space for each and every employee. Aside from home, a person’s job is where they spend the majority of their time. You’ve worked hard to get to your position and you’re entitled to your right to a safe, healthy work environment. However, with many different individuals in any given organization, there is always opportunity for an employee to make others uncomfortable due to sexual verbiage, touching or displays. When you’re being sexually preyed upon by a coworker, it’s hard to carry out your job’s daily duties due to stress, distractions and, potentially, feelings of shame. If you feel unsafe at work due to a coworker’s unwanted sexual advances, the attorneys at Pitt, McGehee, Palmer and Rivers can get you the compensation you’re deserved. We oppose every possible instance of sexual harassment in the workplace, sending a message that says sexually explicit behavior will not be tolerated.

Examples of sexual harassment include (but are not limited to):

  • A supervisor demanding sex or sexual acts as a condition for promotions, raises, benefits or assignments
  • A workplace that allows and tolerates sexual jokes and comments, touching, groping and the display of sexually explicit objects or photos
  • Ongoing remarks about a coworker’s body or sexual attractiveness
  • Assault, grabbing, rape or other criminally sexual behavior by both supervisors and coworkers alike
  • Retaliation after an employee reports sexual advances or a sexually hostile environment
  • Displaying sexually explicit pictures
  • Making unwanted sexual advances 
  • Demanding that individuals wear sexually explicit clothing 
  • Threatening individuals who complain about sexual comments and unwanted advances

While the above examples seem cut and dry, you could witness sexual harassment and not even know it. Maybe you’ve witnessed an inappropriate exchange in the break room or heard some gossip about a coworker’s sex life? Sexual harassment is everywhere, and spotting it is the first step to getting the justice that you and your coworkers deserve. 

If you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact the law office of Pitt, McGehee, Palmer & Rivers today to fight for you. 

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