News & Eccentric -- "Lawsuit: Canton Apartment Owners Evicted Tenants in Addiction Recovery Program" & Eccentric published a report on a federal housing discrimination case brought against an apartment complex which evicted recovering substance abusers participating in a residential rehab program. Robin Wagner and Jennifer Lord are part of the legal team representing Personal Nursing LIGHT House: 

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Midland Daily News -- "Lawsuit Blames State Agencies for Dam Failures"

Mike Pitt, Ted Leopold and Paul Stephen were referenced as plaintiffs' attorneys in a Midland Daily News report on the lawsuit filed June 25 in the Michigan Court of Claims. The coverage notes that the suit's 15 plaintiffs owned property and homes which were damaged or destroyed in the May 19 Midland area flooding caused by the collapse of the Edenville Dam. Read full article here.

Know Your Rights When You Go to Protest in Michigan

Challenging a rule or a law is important. It is through questioning authority that individuals ensure the laws or rules are just. Citizens in the U.S. elect officials to represent their views and opinions by enacting laws that will support and...