Flint Water Crisis Press Conference Draws Media Attention Across the Country

The Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers led press conference January 19 in Flint, featuring firm partners Michael Pitt and Cary McGehee announcing two new class action suits relating to the Flint Water Crisis, drew press attention from around the state and across the country. Click on the links below to view the original stories.  

Media coverage highlights of yesterday's press event in Flint:




CNN (Jean Casarez Details Lawsuits/Bill Talks About Discovery) 







CBS News (Flint Residents File New Lawsuits/Bill Explains Federal Lawsuit)







WNEM-TV Saginaw/NBC (Three Class-Action Suits Filed in Water Crisis)






WJRT-TV Flint/ABC (More Water Class-Actions Filed by Flint Residents)






WDIV-TV Detroit/NBC (More Class-Actions Filed in Flint)






CNN (Flint Residents File New Lawsuits in Water Crisis)






Michigan Radio/NPR (Class-Actions Seek State Fund to Pay for Flint Water Crisis/10:19 audio segment)







MLive (New Lawsuits Seek Damages, End to Water Bills)







Fox 2 News (Flint Residents File Class-Actions as Crisis Continues)






WXYZ-TV Action News/ABC (New Class-Action Lawsuits in Flint Water Crisis






Detroit News (Class Actions Lawsuits Filed in Flint Crisis)







ABC News (Flint Residents Were Given False Assurances)



 (Two Lawsuits Filed in Flint Crisis)








Not coverage of our event, but noteworthy:


MLive (Patterson, Ballenger Downplay Water Crisis)





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