Detroit News Covers Palmer Suit on Behalf of Grosse Pointe South Asst. Principal

From the Detroit News A former Grosse Pointe South assistant principal is accusing the district of transferring her to another school in retaliation for complaints about her supervisor's conduct, including an alleged comment about sex. Debra Redlin claims she was threatened with termination and transferred to Parcells Middle School in August 2015 after a year of escalating issues with South High School principal Moussa Hamka, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Detroit. Hamka's alleged comment was listed among 39 "inappropriate behavior and comments" submitted by Redlin on Dec. 9, 2014, to Jon Dean, the district's deputy superintendent for educational services. She claims her complaints prompted the administration to transfer her to another school, decline to renew her contract after this year and to dole out low performance reviews that have prevented her from finding employment. Redlin's attorney, Robert Palmer, declined to provide the list to The Detroit News. "Among various complaints regarding Mr. Hamka's inappropriate behavior, (Redlin) reported that Mr. Hamka would comment about cleaning himself before praying and note that one should clean themselves 'just as you do when you would be intimate with your wife,'" Palmer wrote in a complaint filed Nov. 15 of last year. "(Redlin) also reported that based on Mr. Hamka's behavior toward her, both (she) and her peers felt that Mr. Hamka did not like Plaintiff 'because she was a woman.'" Hamka also allegedly commented on Redlin's clothing, saying she was dressed unprofessionally.     You can read the entire Detroit News story here.

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