Bonanni Deja Vu Case Receives Top Class Actions Coverage

Parties have reached a settlement resolving wage and hour claims against Déjà Vu nightclubs.  Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers attorney Megan Bonanni was co-counsel for this Class Action with Jason Thompson and Jesse Young of Sommers Schwartz. Two plaintiffs, identified in court documents as Jane Does 1 and 2, claimed that nightclubs affiliated with defendant Déjà Vu Services Inc. improperly misclassified them and other performers as non-employees, in violation of applicable federal and state labor laws. Because of the alleged misclassification, Déjà Vu neglected to pay the performers minimum wage, the plaintiffs claim. The plaintiffs also allege that Déjà Vu illegally confiscated performers’ tip money. Déjà Vu operates several chains of nightclubs across the country. Affiliated clubs implicated in the Déjà Vu class action settlement include those under the names Showgirls, Legends, Barely Legal, Little Darlings, Dream Girls, Adult Superstore, Jolar Cinema, Club Rouge, Fantasy Unlimited, Sam’s After Dark, and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, as well as Déjà Vu itself. Déjà Vu continues to deny the plaintiffs allegations. The settlement does not require Déjà Vu to admit any liability, and no such determination has been made by the court. Under terms of the Déjà Vu class action settlement, Class Members can receive their choice of either a cash payment or a credit for facility costs related to future performances. The credit option is intended to cover rental costs or dance fees that Class Members must pay to perform. You can read the entire story here. 

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