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dui lawyerIf your legal rights have been jeopardized or neglected, sometimes you need a partner to help protect your interests. That's when hiring the right lawyer makes a big difference. If you are a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, injured or suffered loss due to someone else's negligence, have been falsely accused of a crime, or would like to report a workplace violation, call us. We've helped thousands of people get the protection they need and the compensation they deserve. We're the attorneys of Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers, and we're here for you.

Aggressive Michigan Criminal Lawyers Who Fight for Your Rights

As a skilled criminal attorney team, Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers offers:

  • Comprehensive Support- Our lawyers have experience with misdemeanor and felony cases involving everything from assault and battery to DUI and drug charges.
  • Quick Responses- Our legal team understands the importance of responding quickly to criminal accusations. As soon as you call, we will get to work gathering evidence and building your case.
  • Flexible Solutions- Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers will do what we can to resolve your case out of court. But if a trial is necessary, we will build as strong a case as possible and work for a just outcome.

Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers offers the same quality legal support to all of our clients, regardless of your background or the crime you've been accused of. We work with clients in Livonia and throughout Michigan, and we believe that everyone has a right to due process, and won't stop until your rights are upheld.

dui lawyer

Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers offers legal support and advice to anyone facing a criminal charge. As experienced criminal lawyers, we oppose both wrongful convictions and excessive punishments, striving toward justice for all. If you or your loved ones have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, and you need legal assistance, call us today!

Facing a DUI or Charged with Possession, contact an Experienced Law Firm Today

Whether we're representing one person or many, we are compassionate and caring in our pursuit of positive results. Our attorneys have successfully supported clients, both individually and in groups, in litigation against companies charged with employment discrimination. In addition to our civil rights and employment discrimination representation, we also have the ability to handle complex and difficult personal injury and criminal defense cases.