What You Need to Know About Unemployment During COVID-19

A man holds a cup for change and a sign that reads Peoples’ lives have had to change due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Companies across the world and country have had to shut their doors, reduce services, change services, switch to remote work, and make various other changes. 

You may be among the millions of people without work right now. Figuring out what you need to know about Unemployment filing can be confusing. We put together the most important information for you to know about the coronavirus and unemployment. 

State Unemployment Changes

There have been some important changes to the state unemployment requirements. Some of the changes include:

  • Expansion of unemployment benefits from 20 to 26 weeks
  • No work search requirement at this time
  • No in-person requirement
  • Leave of absence and unemployment benefits available (specifics required)
  • Strict compliance and eligibility requirements lifted

Share this Advice with Your Employer about Unemployment

Knowing what information to share with your boss can be tough. Make sure that your manager understands that unemployment claims for leaves or layoffs aren’t chargeable due to Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 executive order. Additionally:

  • More employers can apply for the Workshare Program, this will benefit companies by
  • Preventing layoffs
  • Increasing job security
  • Employees retain employer benefits

General Suggestions for Unemployment and Coronavirus

There are some extra points you should be aware of for unemployment benefits and coronavirus. 

  • Apply for benefits online
  • If you have trouble with the system, keep trying
  • Call the department if necessary
  • The filing window is 28 days (instead of 14) since the last day you worked
  • Try to work with your employer before leaving
  • Certify you are unemployed every two weeks
  • Report all earnings
  • You may be eligible for federal benefits if you are denied for state benefits due to making too little

Getting a Partner to Protect Your Employment Rights

We hope the above information helped you understand your rights for unemployment benefits. Read more about unemployment rights during coronavirus here. The coronavirus lockdown makes providing for your family even more difficult. Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, & Rivers is here to help you understand your rights. We are available to remotely connect with you to discuss your situation.

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